The Fallen Outdoors 2019 Turkey Camp
-In cooperation with J&R Game Calls
-Made possible by these fine partners

From May 15th to May 19th, 2019, The Fallen Outdoors will be hosting a  turkey camp with J&R Game Calls. Hunters will arrive on Wednesday evening and draw teams.  Each hunter will be partnered with a guide. 
All birds will be scored per NWTF regulations, and prizes will be given for the following:
1-heaviest bird of the weekend
2-longest spurs of the weekend
3-longest beard of the weekend
4-first bird of the weekend
As well as various team prizes
All Veterans will be fully guided 1 to 1.
Free to 10 military veteran hunters.  All food and lodging will be provided.
Veteran hunters can be picked up from the Syracuse Airport if need be. Firearms provided if necessary. Must register by March1st 2019.
All NYS Spring Turkey Hunting Regulations apply.

Contact Josh Bergmans @ (910)-333-3343 to enter!

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